Tuesday, February 1, 2011

More newbies!

Le Boudoir, RM12 - RM26

Le Petit Reve, RM10 - RM26

Miss 2, prices unavailable

Twixiebelle, RM16 | RM21

Bijoux Vanity, RM15 | RM35

Lollypupu, RM25 - RM40


aoi, RM22 | RM65

PHAT 2 FIT, RM37 - RM38

Dr. Enchante, RM24 - RM59

Kittie's Wardrobe, RM39 - RM45

Palettes of Love, RM15 - RM25

SomeWear Over The Rainbow, RM80

Vanity Dreams, RM39 - RM56

Little Lulu's Store, RM49 - RM58

Magnitude, RM46 | RM58

After Blu, RM35 | RM80

[pre-order] hide&chic spree, Asos & Supre spree!

[pre-order] Garden of Korea, RM29

Libby Lui Closet, RM25 - RM65

The Yellow Pomelo, RM25

Beeyinalicious Boutique, RM32 - RM39

Cutie Fashion Wonderland Pre-Order, RM24 - RM42

Blink-Blink Fashion, RM25 | RM40 (prices including postage!)

Vanity-Ville, RM45 | RM58

Absolutely Random, RM23 | RM25

Begberry, RM29 - RM40

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Miss 2 said...

Thank you for featuring us! XOXO

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