Sunday, February 13, 2011

[pre-order] Simple Fashionable, RM300
Ain't it great that you could get this current it bag on hands? :D
Just in case you thought that they're just another replica, inspired pieces,
here's a short introduction of BANANA.TAIPEI!

Birkin is one of the ultimate dream of every fashionista,
yet the sky high price seems to be unreachable!
So there's this group of Taiwanese creative designers came out with
Inspired Birkin bag + Environmental-friendly user bag = BANANA.TAIPEI
A cheeky collection of eco-friendly "Birkins"! ;)
Only 6 bags are made in an hour because of
their detailed quality control and handmade process!

So there you have it!
Fashionable eco-friendly bags that are increasingly popular amongst celebrities!


Anonymous said...

RM300? That's so expensive.

There's a shop in Subang Parade selling it for RM99.

Btw, I heard the company is being sued by Hermes for stealing and using the designs.

Anonymous said...

Where is the shop location?

Anonymous said...


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