Monday, February 28, 2011

Seventeen Origins, RM36 - RM38 (prices including postage!)
Say hello to these stylish looking leopard printed tights!
Saw something similar at Topshop selling at a much higher price,
now aren't you glad you could get it online at a steal? ;)
Pair em best with a sleek black dress and you'll look gorgeous already!

So here's the promotions that they're currently having :
Mix any 3 pairs of legwear or any 3 pieces of tees & get a FREE SHIPPING!
Link for legwear: HERE ; Link for tees: HERE

Also, with the code "soshoppingroll", you'll get an additional 5% OFF!
So, head on over for more fabulous stuff that you could get! ;)

RM33 - RM48 (prices including postage!)

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