Thursday, February 10, 2011

soakrepublic, RM15 - RM38
A beautiful collection of accessories they have eh? ;)
Spotted with an whole lot more in store, of ear studs, rings, bracelets, necklaces,
badges, brooches, headbands, bags, fascinators & etc!

swagdolls, RM79 - RM129
Not your usual goodies that you could get online for sure! ;)
Must check em out for more unique items!
Print this handbill and go over to their boutique at Sunway Giza
to redeem your 15% OFF, valid until 28th February only! ;)

A couple of unique leggings for artsy-fartsy peeps out there!
Pair em off with any simple tank top or long tops will do! ;)

YMS, RM165 - RM180
They've finally launched their 1st ever collection of shoes!
Made by order only, hence colours & heel height could be changed upon request! ;)
RM5 will be allocated for charity for every pair sold!

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