Thursday, March 31, 2011

Have you heard about My Vanity Closet just yet? ;)
Here's a new online store in town that specializes in offering Korean accessories!
So for the accessories lover out there, then this is a must-visit for you
as they totally have lots of affordable yet delicate pieces in store!

RM7 - RM12
Accessories is definitely something that you could go for to add a subtle hint
of your personal style, even just a pair of simple earrings could make
a significant difference! Check out these earrings that they've got to offer!
How could you not love the Eiffel tower and the Japanese doll ones over there! :D

RM12 - RM27
They seriously do have quite an array of necklaces in store I must admit!
Perfect pieces that you could definitely grab for a quick fix for your outfit!  
Match it off with those dresses or any lovely outfits and you'll look good for sure! ;)

RM5 - RM10
Check out these crazily affordable rings that they're offering!
From the lovely ones to the slightly edgy ones!
Bet there's something that you would love to grab!
What's more when they're all priced at such low prices! :P

And not only that!

They're currently offering this awesome promotion:
FREE DELIVERY throughout Malaysia until 15th of April,
which means around 2 weeks from now! ;)

Guess it's time to pay a visit at My Vanity Closet for more gorgeous accessories!
Bookmark them or even follow their Facebook page
for their latest updates and promotions!

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