Monday, March 7, 2011

Looking for :

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Looking for this exact polka dotted dress. Thanks!

Looking for this exact bodycon dress in black or navy blue. Below RM45
Ripped skinnies. Below RM 60, size 25 or 26.

Looking for anything similar to this preferrably in colours other than black.
Don't mind preloved as long as in good condition :)

I'm looking for this kind of stokings. Long, and over the knee.
Possibly like in the picture. Price range below RM30 including postage.

Looking for this particular stocking priced below RM30.

Looking for these celine clog size 7.

Anything about our ol' Doc Martens (cheap ones pls) and anyone knows
where I can get my hands on some baseball (preferably) strpes jersey?
a blank one so I can print names on the back ?

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