Wednesday, March 30, 2011

NEW resourcefulrabbits, RM30
These are definitely more than just your ordinary tank tops!
Absolutely adore those lovely detailing on each and every piece of them!
Perfect for casual outings or even for work, pairing it off with cardigan or blazer!
Made of stretchable ribbed cotton material that will hug your figure well,
along with that great workmanship. What's not to grab right? ;)

As for their launch, purchases of RM50 & above will be entitled to
a pair of FREE Freshwater Pearl Stud Earrings! ;)

More affordable clothes you could get over there!

RM15 - RM50

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Anonymous said...

Thanks so so much to SHOPPING ROLL for the feature!! :) We appreciate it lots ♥

Shoppers: Every purchase of RM50 and above you get a pair of freshwater earrings, for RM150 and above you get the pearl earrings and a Surprise gift!

Happy browsing and shopping~

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