Monday, March 28, 2011


Beauty Barbie, RM32 - RM35

Paper Plane Bauble, RM20 - RM32

House of Tinkerbell, RM13 - RM18

hazeleaf, RM12 - RM35

Posh Chics, RM12 - RM34
10% OFF with the password : "I'm a posh shopping roller"

Cardslah, RM9.50 - RM14.90

Stilettos&Martinis, RM22 - RM37

SweetHeartThrob Shop, RM30 | RM39

Wardrobe Treasures, RM15 - RM49

La Belle, RM40 - RM45

Glitterin, RM39 - RM48

chap-four, RM45 - RM59

Chic Valley, RM45 including Pos Ekspres!

Yours Truly Fashion, RM14 - RM60

[pre-order] Spade Tension, RM34 - RM38

Fashionate Online Boutique, 3 for RM100!


Butters & Lola, RM30 - RM35

Leila Loving, RM37 - RM55

Saris Couture, RM37 - RM95

[pre-order] GV BOUTIQUE

Nutz for Shoes, RM65 - RM69

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