Thursday, April 7, 2011

Fabulous buys!

the hey hey hey, RM20 - RM25
Also spotted with lots of vintage inspired rings in store! ;)

Blu & Blak, RM42 | RM40
Affordable fashion, that's what we all love!

Girl About Town, RM35 - RM55
Must go over for more Topshop inspired clothing!

[pre-order] Style Influx, RM38 - RM52
Taking orders for these gorgeous pieces until 8th April, & that's TOMORROW! ;)

A Model Studio, RM46 | RM47
Remember to check out their latest updates as well! ;)

[pre-order] Shoes Haven, RM50 - RM61
Closing date on 11th April, next Monday!
& Delivery will be made on 21st/22nd of April!

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