Sunday, May 1, 2011

Smells like Paris!


So what's the first thing we would have thought of Paris?
The city of romance, The city of lovers!
While here's a little store in town - Little Paris Dressbook,
oozing the aura of Paris in it,
offering us all sorts of gorgeous and lovely clothing for us all!

Having a wide range of feminine pieces ranging from
tops to skirts and shorts, to rompers and even with dresses!
Definitely not your usual pieces that you would come across,
mostly imported and non-restockable pieces that you could definitely dig in! ;)

Little Paris Dressbook, RM39 - RM99

Stylish duo-toned blazer, Chiffon draped blazer, Chiffon ruffled tops,
Peter-pan collared sheer top, See-through lace tops,
and an array of really lovely tops that you could find! ;)
Love those soft pastel shades a lot!

While here are their take on bottoms and dresses!
Scalloped hemline shorts, high-waisted shorts and skirts,
Lovely looking rompers, and with a lot of dresses to be picked from!
Items that you could definitely stock in your wardrobe
for those dinner dates, girlfriends outing or even for parties! ;)

Ain't Little Paris Dressbook is the sweetest store yet?
Better bookmark them and check on their updates already!

Here's a preview of their latest collection that will be up by 6pm on 1st of May!

Bet you won't wanna miss these lovelies! ;)

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