Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Looking for:

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Looking for denim high-waisted short, size XL
Email: masikmih_pusuk_hagah@yahoo.com

"I've actually posted this tutu skirt before. And someone contacted me
through e-mail, she said that she has this tutu skirt that I wanted.
But her e-mail went to my Junk and I accidentally deleted her e-mail :(
Now I've lost her e-mail and couldn't contact her about the skirt.
Can you help me to post this up so that she can see this
and send me another e-mail?"
I'm looking for a Long White Tutu that is similar with the picture.
Size S. Price must be below RM50. White colour. Brand New only.
Email: joannejuann@hotmail.com

I'm looking for this Marc Jacobs Tote Bag.
Email: honeyblue_V@hotmail.com

Looking for a Quilted Chanel inspired bag just like the above.
Shape of a box. Must be below RM50 including postage. Brand new only.
I'm also looking for a grey medium sized handbag.
For a casual day out. PU leather.
I don't have a particular bag in mind, so I can't post a picture.
Email: shermainelahh@live.com

Looking for this kind of shoes Size 34 or 35
Email: secludedreiko@gmail.com

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