Saturday, May 28, 2011

LOVOL - Love Office Ladies Triend!


Oooh, I love to discover new labels and this one's a goodie!
LOVOL is the new kid in the block for trendy yet affordable workwear.
LOVOL is already making big waves in town with its
carefully picked designs and variety of sizes and colours!

Why do we love LOVOL?

Let's start with the dresses. The dresses are so chic that you can wear them
to dinner parties after work as well as on weekends too!

If you love skirts paired with elegant tops, view what they can offer!

OR if you prefer feminine top paired with smart pants and jacket
for those boardroom meetings, LOVOL has it all!

If you're concerned about the sizes, just refer to the measurements
of their models at the side bar of their e-shop.

Also, LOVOL offers 100% return warranty for unsatisfactory items
and FREE DELIVERY for purchases above RM120.
What more can we ask for? ;)

Just for Shopping Roll readers, you are entitled to a
20% discount until 31st May 2011 with the promotion code below:
"Shopping Roll readers love LOVOL"

Seeing is believing, visit LOVOL today at!

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