Friday, June 24, 2011


Handpicked Jewellery, RM45.90
If you're a fan on their Facebook page, you'll get this item at only RM28!
Gift box + Shipping is included! ;)

The Shop Next door!, RM16 - RM17

Les Bijoux Belle, RM12 - RM18

Fashion Freak Collections, RM9 - RM16

junk.overload!, RM18 - RM25

Merah Cinta Hati, RM15 - RM35

Crazy for Cases, RM10 - RM15

twentysixthree, RM45 - RM55

Ann Belle, RM24 - RM59


SCOOP!, RM29.90 - RM31.90

pinky ribbon, RM28 - RM59

viator dandelion journey, RM79 - RM89

Yours Truly Fashion, RM38 - RM65

[pre-order] Motte Preorder, RM79 - RM218

[pre-order] look pretty, RM45 - RM56

[pre-order] Eternal Clothes, RM50 - RM65
(prices including postage!)

[pre-order] Chloe's Choice, RM35 - RM70

[pre-order] Petite Mua, RM42 - RM50

tiffanywardrobe sales, RM10 - RM20

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