Saturday, June 18, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: All-purpose bag you'll love!

Not sure if you girls have heard of MagicColour before,
but if you haven't, it's time! ;)

MagicColour is the leading distributor of Korea contact lenses,
offering an extensive array of tri-coloured contact lenses!
And even have a total of 11 collection of lenses available!
So for those of you who are looking for quality contact lens
and some other unique shades instead of the usual ones,
better go on over and have a look of what they're offering!

Canvas bag: RM58 - RM68 | Bag organizer: RM45
Besides, MagicColour also carry a selection of lovely canvas bag
namely "Chic & Sleek" collection, along with "Chic & Sleek Organizer",
the perfect bag organizer to satisfy our needs!

And here's mine, thanks to Aileen! ;)

I hereby present you the "Night Circus" bag that I absolutely adore!
Having the secret obsession of carousel, and all happy looking stuff in carnivals!
The fireworks, the hot-air balloon, the tall clown and especially that horsey!
I'm actually having a hard time choosing this or the "Merry Go Round" one! :P

The canvas bag is totally similar to the one that was displayed in their website,
and I have to admit that I'm impressed! ;)
These bags are made of 100% cotton & Non-bleached canvas,
and comes along with cotton checkered lining.
Rest assured, the quality is really good! No joke!

Here are the inner view of the canvas bag!
In the size of 44cm x 30cm x 15cm (LxHxW).
Large compartment with an inner side pocket, sufficient for our daily usage for sure!

A pretty convenient bag that I could just throw in all my stuff and I'm good to go!
Be it tissue packets, Mobile phone, Notebook, Water Tumbler, Make-up bag,
Camera, Laptop, Notes, A4 documents, Magazines, Scarf, Cardigan,
and it could even fit the large Pos Ekspres envelope too!
Now that's definitely a plus point for you blogshop owners out there! ;)

With more than 10 designs available for grabs,
bet there will be at least one that will certainly fit your liking! ;)
You could even choose your preferred shades of bag organizer from the category!

For such quality and versatile bag, along with that useful bag organizer
that will keep our bag from having World War III in it,
You should totally give it a go! ;)

Here are a few more of the designs that you could go for!

So what's the wait?
Do drop by Magic Colours today and grab yours already! ;)

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