Saturday, July 30, 2011

by Twin Flames Closet

Need some colors in your life? Let's flame your wardrobe
with Twin Flames Closet! Have fun with what we are offering now:

You can never go wrong with neutral tones, crisp white, tan and cream,
all look fabulous as ever. Somehow, intense color like turquoise, coral and
yellow may seems hard to wear but you can now taking them to a whole new
level by pairing them together! Need not to worry about color blocking or
clashing color combination, basically, anything goes!
Choose from our collection, see more colors from our website.

Bright tops looks great when paired with neutral bottom,
but what about vice versa? The combination looks equally fabulous as well!
Try out some of our colorful bottoms.

Need colorful bottom with length? A-ha, we have them too!

Twin Flames Closet is having lots of promotion in store now.
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we have promotion for bloggers as well (**wink**)!
Visit us and you might be surprised what you can find in there.

Final tagline: "Mix and match all the different elements
together for a bright and happy outfit!"

[paid advertorial]

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