Monday, July 4, 2011

The Chick Habit - A place where you could shop brand new,
vintage and preloved goodies from her closet!
All items are with a mix of new, preloved and vintage items,
and they will all be carefully inspected before they're put up for sale!
Speaking about being serious in business here! ;)

There isn't a specific genre or style of clothing featured at their store,
just everyday outfits that are suitable for casual, work, parties, formal events!
So now you could still shop away without burning a hole in your pocket!

Sale is still on-going in store with lots of items with slashed prices!
Items featured above are within the price range of RM6 - RM19 only!
And my favourite pick would be that tri-toned dress that is priced at RM6 only!
Now that's really affordable! :D

Besides, they're also having another on-going clearance sale
made specially for their Facebook fans only - Nothing over RM10!
"Like" them and you'll get the privilege to browse through!
Definitely a steal deal here! ;)

Besides, they also have a Facebook exclusive range of items which are
mainly hair accessories, costume jewelry, knick knacks, and Hello Kitty
merchandise, and they're all is sold exclusively on their Facebook page too!
Fyi, all items which are available on her blogshop is also available on
their Facebook page for the ease of browsing!

New arrivals will be updated every Monday to Friday,
so there's always something new for us all to check out on! ;)
So stay tuned for more fabulous deals from The Chick Habit!
Bet you won't wanna miss out such affordable goodies!

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