Saturday, August 13, 2011

Attention to all petite shoppers!

Ain't it such a pain in the ass for all petite girls out there
to search for dresses to truly fit our figures?
There's always endless issues on finding petite clothing,
either it's too long that we need to pay extra for alteration,
or it's too loose at somewhere somehow, and the list goes on and on!

But good thing is – You are not alone!
There are plenty of us out there that fall under petite category!
And Emcee Couture is one online store in town that you could count on!

Offering exclusive clothing that you couldn't find anywhere else.
Specializes in petite clothing as she herself is another petite girl in town! ;)
So every single clothing comes in Extra Small or UK4 size too!

Even though Emcee Couture specialize in petite clothing, they do offer
minor customization for made-to-order items! So you girls could totally
request for extra length, shorter, bigger, or even extra smaller in terms of size!
Besides, colors and fabrics can also be customized
depending on the availability and suitability!

For girls that has a multiple sizing, like UK4 top and UK8 bottom,
you could simply add on a few cm(s) on the hips just be requesting it
when you're placing your order on any garments at all!

Not only that, bet those girls who are with model-like skinny with tall figure
will also having problem finding a modest length skirt
on commercial free-sized garments sold online!
So yup, just let her know how many inches in length you need extra! ;)

Check out this lovely babydoll jersey dress that I've got!
Duo-toned dress with flattering front bodice and cut-out back.

Made of comfortable lycra material.
Love the minimal design with the extra edge at the back part! :D
Nice that you could simply put on a cardigan and wear it to classes,
to any casual outings with some chic accessories and a pair of flats or wedges,
or even to dinner dates or formal events!

Check out this collage that I've done with some
possible outfits and items that you could pair it with! :)

However, if Pink is not your cuppa tea,
perhaps you could even opt for Light Gray, Red or Turquoise!

So be sure to secure your slot if you would love to have this!
Limited slots this time round, and you could even enjoy
FREE POSTAGE if payment is made within 24 hours! ;)
p/s: Full payment is required by Sunday, 14 August 2011.

While here are the other 2 best sellers that they're taking orders currently!

Better not miss your opportunity of getting them on hands again! ;)

So now you need not to worry of loving the clothing
but couldn't have it just because the sizing is not there!
With Emcee Couture – all things are possible!
She'll be sure to assist you girls with any frustrations at all! ;)

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