Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Looking for:

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Hello, I want to find an army jacket?
E-mail: pikah.sepuan@gmail.com

I'm looking for leather jacket/ biker jacket in black/brown
not specific with the design, but preferably cheaper.. thanks!
Email: ris-bb@hotmail.com

Looking for a forever 21 or topshop cardigan, less than RM 40.
Email: lydslovegod@yahoo.com

Looking for Topshop Tank Top , size UK2-4.
Email: lydslovegod@yahoo.com

Email: xelynakhalid@hotmail.com

Size: Small, Colour: White preferbly
Email: bridgetywy@gmail.com

Looking for exact design or something similar :)
Email: roryalexy@hotmail.com

Skirt similar to this, fitting UK6-10. RM40 and below :)
Email: picopicopong@hotmail.com

1) looking for any floral jeans price range up to rm 55 or less. In size S
2) any plain high waisted pants with just a plain back in S. less than rm45
3) a cozy white sweater like this one. less than rm45
4) a VERY basic comfortable loose off-shoulder top. less than rm35.
Email: xelynakhalid@hotmail.com

Skinny jeans, around RM40 - RM45.
Email: eychalola_chuby91@yahoo.com

skinny leopard belt, red envelope clutch
Stockings completely covered with black lacey patterns, vintage stockings.
Email: xelynakhalid@hotmail.com

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