Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Looking for:

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Looking For Can Can Hat Beige Color. Price Around Rm40.
I need it Ready Stock.
Email: tomato9012@gmail.com

RM40 and below. Exact match.
Email: carmen.chang97@gmail.com

hye im looking for this top. in ready stock not pre order
price in around 30-50. i want in very very similar .
email : mimeysmurf@yahoo.com

I'm looking for this exact Dress!!!
It is one-piece dress with under tank top + stripes tight skirt.
Both Colors Hot Pink and Yellow :))
Email: vivianchong.yen@gmail.com

Looking for the exact top and dress
Email : qilagrr@yahoo.com

Looking for crochet hoodie top, preferable in cream color,
if not, grey is great too. Second hand is welcome
Looking for exact same floral dress. Second hand is welcome
Email: roryalexy@hotmail.com

Email: pehlin27@hotmail.com

Looking for togas that look like this or have a very classy elegant look?
Email: dafnemiranda@hotmail.com

hello. im looking for items attached :)
1) USA flag crop tee.
2) high-waisted short, size M/L, depends on cutting.
3) black maxi skirt.
Email: pei_lalaworld@live.com

Hi dear..Im looking exactly or similar with this leggings. Thanks :)
Email: mz_redangelz@yahoo.com



hi there! currently we have those in stock - in cream & black, will be emailing you with pics allright :) thank you!

Anonymous said...

lovely stuff..love the leggings! checkout www.stylekandi.com for more related posts

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