Saturday, August 20, 2011

Pose, Snap & Win contest - Ipad 2 up for grabs!

Here comes a brand new product in town - Lus V-line and S-line,
innovative products demanded by Korean and much raved by Korean celebrities!

Read on for more information about these 2 products! ;)

Lus V-line is an easy treating home care product which helps in
re-shaping your face contour and get rid of your double chin.

The formulated concentrate having good effects on wrinkles, cellulite
and the skin elasticity, and stretchable/tightening fabric made with
special materials belt for face chin or neck size. It also creates the clear chin line
by pressing the meridian points on the face affecting the skin's aging process.
You certainly will be able to have moist & healthy skin as well as smooth & clear line!

Now you'll get V-line face without having to undergo any physical surgery at all!
Say goodbye to Double Chin, Chubby Cheeks + Baby Fat with Lus V-line
in few weeks time! Featured on The Star Newspaper last month,
and seen on as well! ;)

More image results on Lus V Line below!

More product reviews here: [1], [2], [3]

While Lus S-Line body glove provides 3-in-1 treatment -
• Exfoliation: Stimulating microcirculation and unclog pores
___________to allow better absorption.
• Firming and toning: Removes unsightly cellulite
• Contouring: Slimming and Effective for burning of fats.
Convenient, effective and practical for tummy, thigh, arms or even buttocks!

LUS S-line body glove features 2 key and comprehensive anti-cellulite
formulations which are the Bodyfit and Corum 9325. Bodyfit formula is used
as anti-cellulite key ingredient for diet effect which has been by approved
by the France authority while Corum 9325 is used for heating sensation effects
for slimming the body.

Check out the reviews on it!

More product reviews here: [1], [2]

While you're eyeing on any of the products above,
here's a plus point of why you should try em out today! :D

Currently TWIO Planet sis having an on-going contest
for these Lus V & S Line products that ends right on 31st August 2011!

Grand Prize Apple Ipad2
+ 30 consolation prizes (choose 1 box S-Line or 1 box V-Line each)

STEP 1: Snap a photo of yourself showing V or S in any way you like
STEP 2: Email photos to or
with your Name, Contact and Photo
STEP 3: Your photo will be up on Facebook get your friends
to "Like" your photo on the link emailed to you.
Highest votes wins the Ipad2, Top 30 wins either 1 box of S Line or V Line!
*Contest deadline: 31st August 2011

Pretty easy eh?

Lus V-line & S-line is available at all Sasa outlets nationwide,
or you could even get yours online at Supermodel's Secrets today
and stand a chance to win an iPad2! ;)
Lus V-Line : RM79/box
[Normal price: RM99/box]
Lus S-Line : RM71/box
[Normal price: RM89/box]

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