Saturday, August 6, 2011

PRODUCT REVIEW: On having a unique pair of eyes!

So here's another product review on MagicColour contact lens!
As for those of you who haven't heard about MagicColour just yet,
Here's a quick summary on them!

MagicColour is the leading distributor of Korea contact lenses,
offering wide palettes of tri-colour contact lenses collection design to end users.
With their factory in Korea that uses the new Diamond Cutting technology,
all products are on maximum accuracy & exceptionally fine quality surface.
MagicColour's Contact lenses have the highest water content of 55%,
so wearers will be having longer moisture with their lenses, compared to others
that has only 35% water content. All lenses are with 16.0mm diameter,
one of the largest size available in the market,
and could last for 3 months of daily usage!

This time around, I'll be featuring 2 different pairs of lenses from them!
So here's the first one!

A pair of MagicColour contact lens in Brown from Ballerina collection.
Btw, all contact lenses comes in blister packaging for hygenic purposes!

Here's a Before and After of how it looks on me!
And here's another picture with flash on,
so that you could see the lens detailing better!

Look so much different already ey? ;)

While here's the second pair that I've got,

A pair of MagicColour contact lens in Grey from Sparkling collection!
Personally love the slight brown touch on the inner rim! :D

And here's the Before and After of the lens on me!

While here's the flash version of it!

Don't you love those shades already? :)
As they're all in 16.0mm diameter, hence it really makes a big difference
unlike the usual ones which is around 14mm that we could get elsewhere!
So it kinda give my eyes much more soul!

I also find that their lenses are "thinner" as compared to those that I've used,
so I really couldn't feel a thing or any discomfort even it's at 16mm,
& nice that it sits perfectly on my eyes! With the highest water content of 55%,
it definitely more comfortable that it last longer throught the day!
I mean, who doesn't love a pair of moisturized eyes right? ;)

Below are are the 2 exact pairs that are displayed on their site!
Feel free to click on the particular lens to be directed to the link itself!
Ballerina Brown
| Sparkling Grey

MagicColour lens are all priced at RM40 - RM45 per pair,
and even available in a total of 11 beautiful collection to be chosen from,
Bet you'll love to get em on hands!

Take a look at more shades that they're having in store!
BLUSHY AQUA Dia : 16.0mmVOGUE BROWN Dia : 16.0mmBLUSHY VIOLET Dia : 16.0mm SNOW CHESTNUT Dia : 16.0mmDIAMOND PINK Dia : 16.0mm

If you're looking for these qualities for your contact lenses:
Quality, Unique, Comfort, Affordable
then you could definitely get your hands on MagicColour! ;)

Btw, they're also having these lovely eco-friendly canvas bags
and all sort of bag organizers available in store too!
Canvas bag: RM58 - RM68 | Bag organizer: RM45

So do drop by for a visit at MagicColour today! ;)

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