Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Better not miss this! ;)

Have you heard about that really awesome giveaway contest
that is happening currently in this online shopping blogosphere?

In conjunction with their one-year-old birthday celebration,

is currently offering 3 lucky winners a real gorgeous prizes!

Yup, they're all authentic Tiffany & Co necklaces that you could all
stand a chance to win it! Now how awesome is that?!
3 lucky winners will each win Tiffany & Co necklaces!
And all you have to do is wish them happy birthday to win them! ;)

There will be 3 different ways of how you could win them,
via Facebook, Twitter or their blog.

And there will be a winner for each channel (Facebook, Twitter & Blog)!

Psst... here's a tip for you readers!
"They're encouraged to share about their thoughts of Whitesoot,
any personal experience with us or ways we can improve
to make the online shopping experience a better one!"
Winner will be chosen based on their sincerity, effort and creativity!
Multiple entries are allowed, so you know what to do already eh? ;)

Here are a few Twitter and Facebook wishes for you
that you could check out!

While here are some blog links of those who wished them:
From Crasseux, Kogie's World, Finger Pangkah & Baby Kathryn!

Lovely entries eh? ;)

This giveaway contest closes on 25 September 2011,
and that's like 5 days away from now!
Winners will be announced on 30 Sept on their Facebook & Twitter!
Feel free to click HERE for more information!

So, do drop by Whitesoot and shop away today!
Stay tuned for their new arrivals on Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday,Online store
and start wishing them to stand a chance in winning a necklace yourself!
After all, there's no harm trying eh? ;)


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