Friday, September 30, 2011

Cheaper By Half Dozen is quite a new online store in town
that offers affordable fashion buys! Read on and you'll know why! ;)

Having all sorts of fashionable clothing, with mainly tops and dresses
for casual days, party nights or even for formal events!
Ranging from the very basic puff-sleeves top to denim toga dress,
and to floral-printed V-neck dress and a lot more in store! ;)
Bet that's a really awesome bargain you would love to grab!

Every item of their blog has different prices for purchasing
1 piece, 3 pieces and 6 pieces (half a dozen),
and prices will all be stated under every item!
Mixing among other items to make up a total of 6 pieces
in order to enjoy the special half a dozen price is definitely possible! ;)

For instance,
Prices for Belt A for 1pc (RM25/each), 3pcs (RM20/each) and 6pcs (RM15 each).
Prices for Shirt B is 1pc ( RM35), 3pcs (RM30/each) and 6pcs (RM25/each).
So, if you would like to purchase 3 pieces of Belt A + 3 pieces of Shirt B,
that will only be RM120 in total - (RM15x3) + (RM25x3)

Applicable to all items in their store even if you are to purchase 1 piece per design!
As long as your purchase 6 pieces in total from them,
you will be able to get the half a dozen price for all the 6 items! ;)

Now you know why they're named - Cheaper By Half Dozen!

1 for RM25/each, 3 for RM20/each, 6 for RM15/each!
While here are their array of skinny belts they're having in store!
Having it in all sorts of designs and shades to be pick and choose from!
Perfect when paired with dresses to accentuate your figure,
with slouchy tops or just to accessorize a little! ;)

So go over to Cheaper By Half Dozen and shop away already!

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