Thursday, September 15, 2011

Here's a blogshop in town with accessories handmade with love,
especially colourfully beaded charm bracelets for us girls,
even a couple of necklaces and rings as well,
and they're all available in Crafted by Mei!

What's even more awesome is that she do accept orders for customization!
So if there's any desired pieces, charms, shades or even themes that you like,
you could certainly discuss with her and make it happen! ;)

Think about one-of-a-kind bracelets and necklaces that are not available elsewhere,
or even friendship bracelets that you could have with your girlfriends! ;)

While here are the available accessories that you could get in store!

Look at those dainty little charms, beads and pendants! Loving all those
gorgeous shades that are all carefully designed and handcrafted by her!
Priced only at RM21 - RM42 for this collection featured above,
bet it would worth every single cent that you're paying for! ;)

While here are a few of their "Sold" items that you could also check out!
And if you're interested in any of the items, feel free to drop her an email,
and she'll be there to assist you on a remake if it's possible!

Check out this awesome idea introducted by Crafted By Mei! :D
With this Convertible Chain (RM8), you could convert any of her bracelets
into necklaces in an instant, which simply means, better value for money!
So all you need to do is hook up both ends of the toggles,
and when you want it back as a bracelet, remove the chain, so really convenient! ;)

Currently, her collection is also available at Offline Blogshop, Times Square!
You could even spot many new designs that aren't posted there too! ;)
Feel free to dig in the treasure chests, or check out her necklaces
and bracelets hanging on the birdcage and flower holder!
Even having some simple charm bracelets & rings
specially catering for those who favor a rather minimalistic design!

So for those of you who would love to have these one-of-a-kind accessories
that are handmade with love according to your favorite charms and colours,
Crafted by Mei is definitely a place that you could go to,

more so with the FLAT RATE postage she offers!


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