Thursday, September 8, 2011

The Shop Next Door - Started with all kinds of lovely imported accessories
ranging from rings, earrings, head accessories, necklaces
and now that they've expanded into fashion clothing for the ladies too! ;)

Currently they're having several on-going promotion in store too!
- FREE POSTAGE for purchases of RM50 & above (EM)
- FREE POSTAGE for purchases of RM100 & above (WM)
- Birthday Girl promotion - 5% OFF on your birthday week!

Besides, they're also offering a really very unique service
where shoppers like you could request for absolutely anything a
that isn't available in their store, and they will help you search for it!
Now that's a really helpful tool eh? ;)

So here's what I've got in the parcel thanks to The Shop Next Door!

Crown Bottle Cap Earrings, Flower Power Ring,
Love Necklace, and that fab looking Ruby Ring!
4 lovely accessories that great for classes or even for any casual day out!
My favourite piece would be the Love Necklace with the cursive writing
along with that faux crystal and pearl detailing on! :D

One thing tat I really like is, all of their accessories are
so really affordable and student-friendly, perfect for someone like me!
Loving accessories yet getting them without burning a hole in your pocket! ;)

Check out what they have in store for you!
RM5 - RM20
That's a really gorgeous collection of accessories don't you think?
Affordable prices as always! Of heart-shaped sunglasses,
crochet collar, and all sorts of earrings and rings available!
And that 3-finger ring with 3 different kinds of heart will be my favourite! :D

RM25 - RM85

So here are their array of pre-order clothing with all kinds of
lovely and edgy clothing, and a few nice and handy casual bags!
10th of Septwill be their closing date of last pre-order batch this month,
and that will be 2 days from now, so better not miss it! ;)

RM17 - RM65

Btw, they're also taking orders for these hot-selling items too!
Bowler hats, Baseball jackets and those colorful ankle socks
that are hardly seen elsewhere! ;)

So remember to stay tuned for more fab rings like these soon,

and drop by The Shop Next Door today for more! ;)

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