Sunday, September 18, 2011

That's a fab deal!


Besides being the leading distributor of Korea contact lenses in Malaysia,
MagicColour also carry a selection of eco-friendly canvas tote bag,
namely "Chic & Sleek" collection, along with "Chic & Sleek Organizer",
the perfect bag organizer to satisfy our needs!

With the concept of "Canvas is the new plastic",
all items are made 100% non-bleached canvas material, 100% washable,
and uses less formaldehyde emission because of non-toxic chemicals
in the fabric during the canvas bag production.
Additionally, it uses natural dye under the Global Organic Textile Standard,
and uses rubber dye printing for designs.

Made of 100% cotton with the lovely inner checkered lining,
quality fabric from Robert Kaufmann USA.
Easily washable & made of easily dries off cotton material,
and it's machine washable as well! :)

Having em in a total of 11 beautiful designs as below
that you could definitely have a glance at!

Large compartment with inner side pocket,
definitely sufficient for us ladies with plenty of stuff to be thrown it! ;)
Be it tissue packets, Mobile phone, Notebook, Water Tumbler, Make-up bag,
Camera, Laptop, Notes, A4 documents, Magazines, Scarf, Cardigan,
and almost anything at all!

While here's the bag organizers that are available in store too!

The must-have add-on that we could surely fully utilize it
to make sure everything in the bag is in nicely organized,
and have a more decent placement of stuff I'd bet! ;)

Normal price is at RM68 for only 1 eco-friendly canvas bag.
For having such pretty and quality eco-friendly tote bag along with that
useful bag organizer, I'd bet it would be really worth it! ;)

So feel free to go over and pick your favourite design at MagicColour
and email your orders to today! ;)

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