Thursday, October 20, 2011

Bet most of you have most probably seen this very familiar piece of jewelry,
and probably one of the gorgeous rings from YSL that is available thus far!
Well, authentic gems like these are often tagged with steep price,
but aren't you glad you could win an inspired version of this with absolutely no costs?

Heard about Blu & Blak's on-going Ring It Giveaway Contest already?
Where all 3 rings as featured above will be given away for 3 winners!
Here's 4 simply instructions for you to stand a chance win it:
1. 'Like' their Facebook page.
2. Go to our 'Ring It' Giveaway album
3. Post a comment on only ONE of the three rings
__and tell them why you should you win it.
4. Get as many "Likes" as possible on your comment.
Contest ends on 1st November 2011 at 9pm.
2 weeks more for you to try your luck! ;)

Having this "We ♥ Sale" album on their Facebook page as well,
with items that are all below RM30 available for grabs!
Speaking about shopping without burning a hole in your pocket eh? ;)
Exclusively for their Facebook fans, and new items will be added from time to time!
So don't forget to like their page and keep an eye out for their updates!
While here are the goodies that you could get at Blu & Blak
with affordable price range of RM35 - RM52 from sleeveless tops to maxi dresses!
And here's something exclusive for you readers!
50% OFF POSTAGE FEES for all normal-priced items!
Just insert the password of: "Shopping Roll x Blu & Blak" to enjoy the offer!

Guess it's time to visit Blu & Blak for more today!
And don't forget to try your luck on their Ring It Giveaway! ;)

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The rings are awesome the collection, check out for related fashion

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