Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Here's a site that you should never miss if you're on a hunt for accessories,
especially for those who wanna grab an array of imported accessories
with earrings, necklaces, bangles, bracelets, rings and etc at incredibly low prices! ;)
Imagine products featured here are priced in the range of RM6.50-RM25.90 only!

As for those of you accessories lover out there,
here's one special deal that A Fashion Story is offering -
Pay RM250 to enjoy their 35% wholesale discount!
Which means you'll only need to pay RM250
to enjoy products with the value of RM385 in total! ;)
And that could help you save up a total of RM135!

A perfect plan for those who wants to start a big family of accessories,
or want to make a combine purchase with your girlfriends,
or interested in venturing into online/offline business yourself!

Products of A Fashion Story are all on ready stock basis,
so there's no waiting period needed at all,
which means items could be delivered to you on the next working day
once payment is received! ;)

There's no restriction on how many quantity per design,
and you could definitely mix all sorts of designs together in your purchase!
Also, prices stated on their website are all retail price (before 35% discount),
so feel free to do your maths already! ;)

Keep in mind that minimum order quantity for each purchase is RM385
to qualify for the 35% wholesale discount,
and you'll only be paying RM250 in total only in the end!

And if you're tad bit worried about the quality of their products,
don't worry as A Fashion Story strive their best to satisfy their customers! ;)
Check out these testimonials from their customers HERE to get a better picture!

So, for those of you who are interested in their wholesale plan,
feel free to go over for more information today! ;)

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Nice accessories...love this site! www.stylekandi.com

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