Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Looking for:

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I'm looking for this red blazer. Similar to this also will do.
Ready stock / Pre-order. Price below RM69. Thanks!
Email: samantha-omy@hotmail.com

im looking for a baseball varsity jacket. Either red or dark blue will do.
The material must be firm and fitting. Thanks :)
Email: meiching0409@hotmail.com

looking for a maxi cardigan like that. long sleeved.
black in colour. thanksss :DDD
Email: musical_rainbow@hotmail.com

Looking for this exactly strap top in white and black..
material in cotton..
both white and black color need..
Email: christine_880720@hotmail.com

Hi! I'm looking for this top (long sleeve) Size M-L. Thankss! :)
Email: namasteladies@hotmail.com

Email: shxrxn@gmail.com

Urban Renewal Zipper Sweetheart Dress from Urban Outfitters
Email: farahfauzi@hotmail.com

Hi, im looking for this bag, red wine color shirt (long sleeve)
and elbow pads shirt (long sleeve). SIze M-L. Thanks! :)
Email: ikah.sepuan@gmail.com

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