Monday, October 17, 2011

Looking for:

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looking for this two item . :)
i don't mind pre order or secondhand item. as long it's still in good condition!
Thank you.

Looking for any clothes with heart cut out back!

Hey! Looking for this kind of tops. Any design would do
as long as it has button at the back of it. Thanks!

Looking for exact dress!

Hey, looking for this kind of dress, with short sleeve. UK4-6 if possible. Thanks!

Looking For:
1. Tribal Dress
2. Dream catcher Necklace
3. Bohemian Long Feather Necklace


1.Looking for topshop inspired jumpsuit.
Same colour and same design as the above picture. Price less than RM60.
2.Looking for the similar combination of black striped singlet and cropped top.
Price less than RM30.

looking for this type of jumpsuit =D

Hi, I'm looking for a dress like this, between size UK 4 - UK 8.

Looking for this particular dress in this particular colour!
Similar looking items can be considered.

Looking for a black panel skirt exactly like this!
Uk 6-8. Most of the panel skirts are either too short or too long. thanks!!!

I've been looking for it everywhere I couldn't find it..
I want it in exact colour (Black Blue Stripe) Maxi skirt..
Prefer price range between Rm30 - Rm50 only..

I'm looking for black ripped jeans like this.i want jeans not legging or jegging.
it would be great if someone can just tell me where to find it ^^ offline or online.

Looking for the same shoes, same color & the material is not pig-skin lining. Thanks!

Looking for this kind of shoes. Size 39.

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Anonymous said...

Looks like everyone is looking for the perfect outfit..beautiful style requests though

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