Saturday, October 29, 2011


Have you check out Sista Closette's updates recently?
Brought in an array of trendy clothing in all kinds of style to suit everyone,
and everything featured here is below RM67 including Poslaju! ;)
Btw, prices over there are all including postage!

A variety of casual clothing with pattern print tops, bodycon mini dress,
bomber jackets, tapered pants, and one whole lot of high-waisted skirts
in really colorful shades that will surely brighten up your outfits!
Particularly loving the jacket with detachable hoodie that look extra edgy!
As for those who are hunting for bodycon skirts, you just ought to go over
as they do have quite a number for you to pick from! ;)

While here are their feminine pieces featuring pretty detailing
like braids, sheer mesh, pleats. lace panel and etc! :)
Perfect for those who are into a rather lovely and elegant ones!

Long skirts and Maxi dresses - some hot-selling pieces lately
that looks good for both casual days or formal events!
My favorite piece would be the maxi skirt with a small slit at the hem,
nice that you could just pair it off with tank tops and you're ready to go! :D

Besides having clothing, they do have a couple of bikinis to offer as well! ;)
From the usual black halter-neck one, to colorful and pattern print ones!
Priced at RM56 including Poslaju, better get it while you can!

Loving what you see already?
Do go over to Sista Closette check them out for more!

or go over to their sister site - House of Leggings
for a wide variety of pantyhose, leggings and even jeggings! ;)

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love the mini skirts ...check out for related fashion

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