Sunday, October 30, 2011


Varieties Shops is one of the online store established 2 years ago,
providing a variety of affordable fashion clothing for us all!
All items over there are on ready stock basis and could even be posted
on the same day for payment that are made before 2pm!

Here's their new sister site that you could check out - Handbag Wholesale
with an array of ready stock bags in all kinds of designs and shades,
along with some clothing that you could go for a look-see!

While here's what Varieties Shops is offering!

Spotted with these clothing that is priced at RM35/each & RM40/each!
don't you think it's pretty affordable already for stuff like these?
What's more when you could enjoy FREE POSTAGE if you like their page! ;)

Also having with these pretty awesome goodies in store,
of Club Monaco & ASOS inspired dresses, with more tote bags,
drawstring bags, handbags & an array of croc skin-like clutches!

And even updated with more bags recently to pamper you girls!

That's one really colorful collection of bags don't you think?
With more shoulder bags, sling bags and clutches this time round!
Fyi, there's a total of 18 shades of croc skin-like clutches
that you could pick and grab from! ;)

With over 100 design of bags available in store for sale,
bet there's at least one to suit your style! ;)
As mentioned earlier, remember to like their page to enjoy FREE POSTAGE!

So, just go on over to Varieties Shops for more fashionable goodies,
or feel free to visit at their very own offline shop in Jelutong, Penang,
where both retailers and wholesalers are all welcomed!
(p/s: wholesaler must email them for information of minimum quantity,
dropship position are available for serious applicant)

Remember to take note that they're the sole owner of this shop Varieties Shops,
and only having one shop, which is currently at Jelutong, Penang.
Please beware of scammer that are cheating around using their name alright!

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love the variety..nice collection

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