Saturday, October 15, 2011


Varieties Shops - Established way back in the year of 2009,
and still providing us affordable fashion pieces that you could find! :)
Keep in mind all stocks are on ready stock basis,
and quality is guaranteed for all of them, so fret not on your purchases!

Currently they've also expanded into having their own offline shop in Penang itself,
welcoming both retailers and wholesalers to go for a visit!
(p/s: wholesaler must email them for information of minimum quantity)

While here are their latest updates of bags few days back!

Priced at RM60 - RM68 and available in various colors to be chosen from!
Loving the vintage touch and those unique shades on them!
Besides, they're also having over 100 design of bags available in store,
and as mentioned, they're all ready stocks too!
Psst.. Did you know that you could enjoy FREE POSTAGE if you like their page? ;)

So here are their latest batch of clothing with several outerwear, tops & dresses!

All items featured as above is priced at RM35/each,
now don't you think it's pretty affordable already for stuff like these? :D

And here are more casual clothing that you could get in store!

With sleeveless shirts, jumpsuits, casual dresses, maxi dresses & etc!
Loving those neutral shades over there though!
And these are the items that are priced at RM40/each!

If you're looking for outerwear for your boyfriend or boy friends,

here are some pieces that you could definitely consider! ;)

Spotted with lots of stylish looking outerwear that is priced at RM68 - RM109
of leather jackets and hoodie jackets, unique waterproof jackets,
also with several formal blazers are all available in store as well!

So, just go on over to Varieties Shops for more fashionable goodies,
like their page and you'll get to enjoy FREE POSTAGE for any of your purchases! ;)

Remember to take note that they're the sole owner of this shop Varieties Shops,
and only having one shop, which is currently at Jelutong, Penang.
Please beware of scammer that are cheating around using their name alright!

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