Thursday, November 3, 2011

Christmas Combo Deals @ Supermodel's Secrets!

[PAID ADVERTORIAL] by Supermodel's Secrets

Hiya dearies!
The season of cheer is a'comin~ we hope you'll like our Christmas deals
we've handpicked specially for this time of the year. Shopping rollers gets the
first hand priority as we'll only launch this to the public next week.
If you prefer COD, we'll be in MOFEW mid valley next weekend 11-13 Nov,
feel free to pop by dearies~ =)

To view more info on Magic Eyes instant eyeshadow: HERE

More info on Carmex, Hersheys lip balms and Revlon Star attraction lip gloss: HERE

Our sweet lil Hershey chocolate syrup lipbalm was featured in CLEO magazine
this Sept 2011 on page 287 "Chocolate Treats for Chicks" section.

More info on LUS Exfoliating foot masks: HERE
FEATURED ON MSN Life & Style Malaysia 5 Oct 2011: HERE

More info on invisible fashion tape: HERE

More info on Make up brushes set: HERE
More info on Dodora Magic pink cream: HERE

VISIT US @ MOFEW Mid valley exhibition hall 11-13 Nov
Join us @ MOFEW - Malaysian's Online Fashion Entrepreneur Weekend
at Mid Valley Exhibition Centre, this 11 to 3 November 2011 (Friday to Sunday)
if you're up for some Christmas & Year end shopping! =)
New arrivals await and awesome christmas deals
and other gorgeous goodies in store.

We're at Booth 187 yeah~
See you there!

Supermodel's Secrets

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