Monday, November 14, 2011

Looking for:

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Clubmaster sunglasses under RM30
Pink/Navy blazer under RM60
Pink/Mint Dr Martens preloved under RM250/brand new under RM400

1) Peace Necklace
2) Cream chiffon cardigan
3) Brown fringe sling bag. preferably rm50 & below
2) Forever 21 Inspired Dreamcatcher necklace. Below rm30

Hi, I'm looking for any kind of baseball jersey.

I'm looking for this particular chiffon blazer in black. Pre-loved is possible too!

looking for structured blazer like these from honey pumpkin.
preferably in either orange, pink, yellow or red. dont mind preloved :)

Hi, I'm looking for denim high waisted shorts, waist 25", below RM60.

Looking for the same high waist skinny (blue or black). preferably price below RM60.

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