Saturday, November 26, 2011

SHOP: Random picks!

delirious, RM20 - RM27

EyeCandie, RM35 - RM48

Banana Mustard, RM55 - RM69
10% discount will be given in conjunction with their opening!

Sweet Grocery, RM33 - RM36

NEW la gypsies boutique, RM49.90 - RM69.90

NEW Of Honey and Milk, RM9.90 | RM49

NEW TEEdle.needles, RM45 - RM70

NEW [pre-order] The Fashion Barn, RM35 - RM55

LoveBagLoveBag-Private Closet, RM39 - RM42

NEW Toffee Toast Box, RM49 | RM59

Effortlessly Beautiful, RM38 - RM46

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