Monday, December 5, 2011

Just wanna take this opportunity to inform you girls about this event,
as I only stumbled on the post without her letting me know personally!
Michelle Chuah, the brain behind Supermodel's Secrets
is actually participating in Make the Pitch Season 1 on NTV7 last month.

Make the Pitch
is actually a reality programme on Malaysian entrepreneurs,
and if the panel of investors is convinced with the idea,
they will personally invest in your business and stuff like that.

Besides, contestants are also judged by the number of pledges received,
where all of there pledges serves as the funding for her business pitch.
So, there's only like 25 days left to help her get funding.
And here's Michelle, doing her part by offering you shoppers
some really crazy low prices combination of goodies that you girls
could get in return for supporting her! (as seen in the post above)

Here's one of the promo:

Honestly, I've actually seen other sites selling the silicone bra alone at RM35,
or even higher than that, but now that you could grab it at only RM25,
with 3 pieces of bra clips + 2 sets of Fahion tapes, and, with FREE POSTAGE.
If this is not worthwhile, I really don't know what is!

As Supermodel's Secrets are based online,
hence I think our support is kinda vital as we all know her store well enough
than any other ordinary offline shoppers on the street!
So, for being one of the online shopping community in Malaysia,
we could definitely do our part in supporting our "member"
by pledging a small amount for her business funding
for being such hardworking entrepreneur that really strives for success!
And if the amount is a little burden for you for being a student or so,
perhaps you could even share it with your girlfriends as well!
Like the old saying goes, "Many a little makes a mickle!" ;)

Just pledged mine before writing this post, and I sincerely wish her for the best!
OH YA, no hard feelings ah, just feel free to help out if you love to! ;)
Just in case I sounded little bit too pushy cos I really feel happy for her. LOL

Alright, back to assignments time! T_T


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