Monday, December 12, 2011

Looking for:

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I'm urgently looking for snowflakes earrings as a gift,
preferably ear hugging ones in reference to the picture attached.
Do tell me if you do know where can I find gorgeous pairs like these,
and is of decent quality with the budget of less than 200.

Looking for this necklace.
Preferably gold in color and plain. Exactly like this one.

1) Tribal top. Any colour
2) Black 3 quarter sleeve plain blouse (slightly fitted)
3) Feather earrings, less than rm 15
4) tribal inspired fitted skirt, UK10 + , not too short not too long

Looking for exactly same blazer in black, brown or camel.
saw these at cock-tails but all sold out :(
Can fits Fits UK4-6, Price around rm50 - 60


Looking for this desperately, don't mind pre-loved,
budget preferably around RM60.

i'm looking for this particular bag but the blogshop
where I got the pics from ran out of stock.
Do you happen to know where else I can get this?

Looking for inspired toms shoe , any colour .
Varsity Jacket pink and white colour
and Baseball Top women in pink and white .

1. Jeffrey Campbell Inspired Foxy Heels - gold/silver in size 39/40
2. Celine Inspired Shoes in black Size 39/40
3. Black mesh dress similar to the photo above.
4. Black asymmetrical dress identical/similar to the photo above.
5. Braided Maxi dress in any colour.
Don't mind if it's preloved.

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