Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Looking for:

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I'm looking for black light gold short necklace. Price from rm25 and below.

1) Tribal bodycon skirt. Any interesting print would be nice :)
2) Baseball Jacket. Preferably around that colour.
3) Gypsy Necklace
4) Tribal Print Shorts
Thanks! :)

Im looking for varsity for men with letter 'A' only.
Prefer in navy blue or light blue. Looking for brand new only.

i was looking for all of diz top urgently! right before diz thursday!
because im off on weekN for a long hols.
i dont mind preloved as long as it look new n in great condition
as i would like to buy it as a gift!
price range below RM40 including postage!
i also dont mind if the the slightly different.

Looking for the exact same dress in red colour, size S :)

Hi, I'm looking for the
1) Tight Fitted Dress as shown in the first picture
in the exact same colour and the exact same style.
This dress is a Supre dress but it has run out of stock on the Supre website.
Colour : Wine; Size : S (according to Supre)
2) Bag as shown in the second picture
in the exact same size (small) but in Brown colour.
Preferably brand new items.
Thank you ! :)

I am actually looking for the attached dress.
Liking it badly but then it has been soldout in Double-woot & Curves Boutique.

Looking for this exact particular bag.

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