Sunday, December 11, 2011


With over 1200 ready stock designs of accessories available for sale,
I'd bet A Fashion Story is a store that you just ought to visit
if you're on a accessory hunt for this holiday season!

Offering an array of imported pieces at amazingly affordable prices,
items that will make you look good without burning a hole in your pocket! ;)
With all kinds of accessories that you could think of,
hairbands, earrings, necklaces, brooches, bracelets, bangles, rings & etc available!

And if you're on a really tight budget, they do have a total of 110 accessories
that are all on sale up till 30% off currently! ;)
Priced within a super affordable range of RM5 - RM17.50 only!

While here are two perfect plans available for those who wants to go for
a major shopping of Christmas gifts for your girlfriends,
or interested in venturing into online/offline business yourself!

Currently having a special Christmas promotion on-going in store where
you could enjoy a total of 25% discount with at least RM210 in a single order,
which means you'll only be paying RM158 to get items value of RM210!
No restriction on how many quantity per design, so feel free to mix them all! ;)

Besides, they do have another 35% wholesale promotion available,
where you could pay RM250 to get items in the value of RM385!
And that could help you save up to a total of RM135! ;)

And if you're tad bit worried about the quality of their products,
don't worry as A Fashion Story strive their best to satisfy their customers! ;)
Check out these testimonials from their customers HERE to get a better picture!

Guess it's time to drop by A Fashion Story today
and get something on hands already!

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Emma said...

A wow collection!

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