Thursday, December 1, 2011


1-11-11 - that's when Pretty Chase launched their site!
An online store in town that provides excellent quality fashionable clothing
with low prices to suit all kinds of occasions!

Be it for casual days, girlfriends outing, dinner date,
for formal occasions or even late-night parties!
Of slouchy, laid-back pieces, dressy ones with vibrant prints and pretty detailing,
formal outfits for the workplace and body-flattering dresses!
Pretty Chase is definitely a place that you could count on! ;)
What's more when items are all with FREE DELIVERY within Malaysia,
that will arrive to your doorstep on the next working day!

Thanks to the two lovely girls behind Pretty Chase,
and now I'll be reviewing on what I've got from their store!

Nicely packaged goods with their sticker label on + 2 lovely clothing in it!

Look at these delicate detailing of these two pieces!
And check out the quality especially for the blue piece! *beams*

So this is the 1st item that I've received- Emma Backwards Pearly Top!
Images shown above is what they've displayed on their store,
and images below are taken personally by yours truly!

True to what it's shown on site, loving the black embroidered lace hem
the slit-back hem accompanied by a row of functional pearl-like buttons!
Certified as a really sweet and lovely piece of top here eh?
And I'll have to admit that this will be one beautiful piece of add-on
to my very dull wardrobe that speaks more on minimalist and versatility! ;)
A nice dressy top that you could simply pair it off with a pair of shorts,
bodycon skirt or even with skinnies and you're good to go already!

While here's the 2nd item I've received - V Back Bottom Laced Dress
in a gorgeous electric blue tone that you'll definitely adore!

So here's what I've got!

Now this piece over here is definitely for keeps!
Excellent quality of fabric, side hidden zipper as seen in the last image.

Deep v-back with black velvety, glitttery trims detailing at the back.
Loving the flare along with the black lace trimming at the hemline!
Speaking about a day-to-night dress here
when you could even wear it to work with a blazer on! ;)
How's that for a stunning piece that would worth every single cents of yours!
And they actually have this particular piece in Cream & Light Pink too!

Don't you feel like doing some shopping with Pretty Chase already? :D
Read on for their current on-going promotions!

  • Sign up for their newsletter today and get 10% OFF!
    Only limited to the 1st 200 who signs up, so better hurry! ;)
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So head on over to Pretty Chase and get something on hands already!
Not forgetting the chance of winning the Longchamp bag! ;)
Also, feel free to follow them on their Facebook page or twitter
for more latest updates and announcements!

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Like the versatility that pretty chase has...fabulous fashion!

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