Friday, December 16, 2011

SHOP: Quick updates!

Trinxx, RM20 - RM24
Psst.. Did you know that these pendants work as bottle openers too? ;)

NEW Timeless Wears, RM20 - RM28 (free shipping included!)
20% OFF on all items in conjunction with their grand opening & the festive season! ;)

Awesome Mustache Shop, RM25 | RM150 (prices including postage)
That's one unique case for 15" Macbook Pro don't you think?

Hutz Fashion, RM35 - RM55
Spotted with more lovely, colorful pieces!

LadiesFashion, RM33 - RM59
Just updated with more affordable clothing yesterday!

Dollhouse Avenue, RM75 - RM79
Updated with a number of beautiful and sweet dresses!

Seventeen Origins, RM55 - RM79
A must-visit if you're looking for hardly-seen pieces! ;)

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