Thursday, January 26, 2012

On a side note:

__Jill Sander Pre-fall 2012

It's about 2 weeks already that I couldn't update any links on any blogrolls,
you'll never know how many thousand times I've tried linking some of you up,
using all kinds of browsers and laptops and desktops and connections
but still failed. It's not that I don't want to link you up you know T_T

Anyway, I've just checked on the Blogger forum,
and it looks like I'm not alone after all!
While waiting for them to resolve the issue,
I've created a new list of blogroll right at the bottom of the second blogroll,
where all new sites under all kinds of categories will be linked there at the moment.
So, if you're not linked, do let me know just in case I've missed out any!

Any updates or any helpful advice at all regarding the issue,
feel free to email me at alright!

Till then! :)


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Siesta said...

i hope you got my message in your inbox,because i got a reply from yahoo that you are still away for CNY

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