Monday, January 9, 2012


Guess most of girls made your new year's resolutions already eh?
Any fashion dare you want to achieve this year,
or any fashion item that you just ought to get before the year end?
Perhaps here's one that you could include in your checklist! :D


Women have been wearing corsets for centuries to reshape their figures.
On enhancing women femininity and curves by flatten the tummy,
draw in the waistline, accentuates the hips and makes the buy appear larger.

Besides, do you know that corsets actually promotes good posture,
& could even reduce the pain and improve function for people with back problems?
Here's definitely a plus point on why you should get at least one for the new year!

QueenChloset is one of the online store in town
offering a wide selection of corsets in all kinds of fabrics and designs
to suit every single women is various styles!

A simple accessory to make your body to a fashionable silhouette,
to boost up your self-confidence and to make your feel good about how you look!
Haven't we heard "If you look good, you feel good" ? ;)
Guess it's just a must-have for all of us girls already!

Currently QueenChloset is having an exclusive offer in conjunction with
the celebration of the new year where all Size L corsets is at 20% OFF
until the end of this very first month in 2012!

Available for online purchase and offline purchase at
Offline Blogshop in Sunway Pyramid and Berjaya Times Square.
Bet it's just hard to find quality corsets at low prices
and even having em available for sale online, no? :D

So hurry on over to QueenChloset as items are running out already,
or feel free to browse around for more gorgeous corsets!

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