Sunday, January 15, 2012


Varieties Shops - Having a wide selection of items that are all
on ready stock basis and could even be posted on the same day
for payment that are made before 2pm!
Offering retail, wholesale and even dropship service too!

Just updated with one whole batch of new arrivals in store
with more casual clothing and maxi dresses as usual!

FREE POSTAGE will be given for any purchases if you LIKE their page!
Yup, it's that easy, no minimum purchase and whatnots!

Same goes to these pretty bags they're offering too! ;)

Check out these colorful bags that are all available for sale!
Spotted with lots of vintage looking sling bags, box bags,
and a number of tote and satchel bags.
Also having a couple of designer inspired pieces too!

So hop on over to Varieties Shops today for more fashionable goodies,
or feel free to visit at their very own offline shop in Jelutong, Penang,
where both retailers and wholesalers are all welcomed!

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