Thursday, January 12, 2012

PRODUCT REVIEW: The perfect duo!

Guess most of you girls are busy doing your shopping online
and visiting malls in the weekend to get your CNY clothing ready eh? :D
Well, here's 2 lovely inspired items at a bargain price
from Vivace Cabin that you'll definitely love!

Yup, it's the gorgeous knuckle clutch and the skirt as seen above!

"Merry Me Lampshade Skirt" is actually a Zara inspired piece
(named as Panel Skirt in Zara). Simply adore the simple tulip skirt design
that is extremely versatile and looks good whether you're wearing it
to college or even to dinner dates and girlfriends' outing! :D

What's more when the tummy would not be that visible
due to its' tulip shape and the high-waisted design!
Personally loving the slight structured look of it when worn too! :D

Fyi, it's actually an exclusively manufactured piece for Vivace Cabin! ;)
Superb quality item, made of cotton blend satin with inner lining,
hidden back zipper with 2-buttons closure, as featured on Zara's too!
Having it in 3 gorgeous shades of Hot Red, Electric Blue and the good ol' Black,
and available in two different sizes for grabs.
Just perfect for your new year outfit I'd bet!

And here's the edgy clutch they've managed to brought in!
An Alexander McQueen knuckle clutch inspired design
what look absolutely stunning as seen on celebrities!

While here's the version Vivace Cabin is offering,
which is much more handy, or at least for me! ;)

With more spacious design that we girls would favor. Perfect to stuff in
all the necessities, make-ups, handphone, tissue packs & fairy dusts etc!

2 inner compartments and 1 zipper compartment, also with a long sling strap
that you could keep it in when you're using it as a clutch!
Now don't you love those fashionably edgy knuckle rings that definitely
bring this clutch to a whole new level!

While here are more photos taken by Vivace Cabin!

Merry Me Lampshade Skirt
1 for RM49, 2 for RM94, 3 for RM135! ;)
- Alexander Mcqueen inspired clutch
1 for RM55!

Definitely worth every single cent spent!

While here's an exclusive offer you get to enjoy!

RM5 OFF with the password "I ♥ CNY deals from Shopping Roll"
for Merry Me lampshade skirt
AND, a further RM3 OFF with purchase of another item,
which means you readers could enjoy a total of RM8 OFF! ;)
*Applicable for non-sale items only.

So hurry on over to Vivace Cabin for more info for the items,
and more of their latest updates before they're all gone!

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