Saturday, January 21, 2012

SHOP: Quick updates!

Seventeen Origins, RM40 - RM80

Un-Masqued, RM39 - RM52

NEW Wonder Dress, RM43 - RM54

NEW Pretty and Witty, RM63 - RM74

EmmyCubic , RM47 - RM55

NEW deCrown Closet, RM42 - RM45

NEW MOSH Boutique, RM45 - RM79

6th Sense, RM35 - RM49

NEW Ohso Red, RM45 - RM49

Cassa Fashion, RM22.50 - RM37

Daily Boutique, RM45 - RM65


NEW Kiesya e-Closet, RM53 - RM54

LoveBagLoveBag-Private Closet, RM39

NEW Starribliss, RM39 - RM69
FREE POSTAGE until end of the month!

NEW Colorgirl Boutique, RM58

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