Friday, February 3, 2012

by Zone Collection

The store name is perhaps very new to the online community, but it is a household name for most Penang resellers. Currently re-branded, Zone Collection is a one stop whole sale centre that distributes bags, clothings and lingeries located in Juru, Penang. It also caters to both walk-ins and to you online savvy shoppers!

Do not be deceived by the website’s name of
It does not just distribute bags, but also a wide range
of ready stock fashionable wears and lingerie.

Your one stop centre to all things fashionable!

Most of us are pretty skeptical when it comes to buying items modeled by
those foreign models as many of us could have encountered some pretty
nasty experiences of getting not up to par products

The catalogue pictures of pretty bags

the real deal !!

As Zone Collection is open daily to serve their walk-ins and receiving
online enquiries, expect efficient customer servicing. Payment made
before 5pm daily will be posted on the same day itself!

If you are a budding entrepreneur, this may be you favorable platform to browse and get some quote of price for wholesale purchase to start your business. Zone Collection currently boast the lowest wholesale rate in town. Don’t believe it? Start emailing them to enquire at
or call 016-485-3593 if you can’t wait.

Worry not if you have no intention to be an entrepreneur but merely want to shop. Zone Collection also caters to those of you who want to only purchase a single item, at a very affordable retail rate of course. To get better bargains, gather a few friends and do a bulk a bulk purchase. Any 10 items (mixture of any items in the shop, online or offline!), you are entitled to get your items at almost wholesale rate! Tempting!?Start shopping now in Zone Collection!

For cost savvy shoppers who wants super bargains, click their Clearance Sales section. Some items worthy for a try would be the Molting Push Up Bra Series and lots of affordable bags. All for below RM30 during the period of clearance!!

Moliting push up bra on sales at RM25
Tie dye maxi dress at RM25
Rose Red Quilted PVC Bag only at RM13
(all prices indicated are sales price)

Head on to Zone Collection’s website here
and register as a user and start shopping!
Do not miss out the great bargains available!! The items on clearance will be on sales till stocks runs out, so be quick, be hurry!


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