Thursday, March 8, 2012

by Supermodel's Secrets

Hiya dearies~ We're 2 years old today! =D
Here's something to kick off our 2nd anniversary, good luck! =D

The above prizes are for Facebook contestants;
The below prizes are for Blogger contestants =D


Take your pick! ;)
  • Strap Perfect Bra clips info: click
  • Strap Perfect Video demo: click
  • Invisible Fashion tape info: click
  • Women's Weekly Dec 2011 feature: click
  • Magic Eyes Instant Eyeshadow: click
  • Lace silicone bra: click
  • Instyler rotating hair iron: click
  • BraBag: click
  • Hershey's lip balm: click

OPTION A - Facebook contest
Snap your best Supermodel pose & win a Guaranteed Gift!

Step 1:
Snap a photo of yourself / your friend/ bf/ baby/ kid/ pet with
your very own Supermodel pose & Email us at: or
with your Name + Contact

Step 2:
Get your friends to Like our fanpage and your photo,
when we upload it up. minimum of 38 Likes qualifies you to a
Free Guaranteed GIFT [ Pick your choice! ]
+ in the running for Grand prizes / Bonus Prize.

AND You’re DONE! We’ll send the Guaranteed Gift to you
after the contest ends by end April/mid May.

OPTION B – Blogger contest
BLOG about this contest and Win a Guaranteed Gift!

Blog about this Giveaway with Link to our website + photo

Let us know by leaving your blog link as a comment here with your
Follower ID:
E-mail Address:
Link of the blog post of this contest:
Date and duration of post:
(example: from 9 March2012, 7pm until 12 March 2012, 7pm)
Choice of GIFT:
(Example #1 Hello Kitty bottle)

You’re DONE! We’ll send you the Guaranteed Gift
after retrieving your info after this contest ends.
You're are also in the running for the Grand prize
for Blogger and Bonus prizes!

More info: HERE

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