Saturday, March 3, 2012

Sharpen up your style with a Simple Black Skirt!


At LOVOL, we have an amazing range of tailored skirts for you to wear
to the office. Teamed the office skirt with a simple blouse,
structured work bag and high heels, it will work perfectly for all occasions.

It’s time to show off those amazing legs because black skirts
are having a fashion moment and we have picked the best just
for you in our amazing range of new arrivals.

Ellie Simple Skirt:

Elisa Elegant Black Skirt:

Erane Chic Lack Skirt:

Emily Gorgeous Black Skirt:

Evans Striped Skirt (Grey & Blue):

Ezzie Black Skirt:

Last but not least, LOVOL not forgetting to bring you some PLAY series too..

Aven Chic Cardigan - Black
A Cardigan that suitable for WORK & PLAY

Ally Chic Long Blouse (Black & White)

Check out all of our products today at LOVOL!

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